Christmas is fun … isn't it?

Christmas can be TOUGH when you have an eating disorder…Firstly, summer in Australia means sun, surf and swimmers. So suddenly skin is exposed, which can be disconcerting when you are plagued with body shame. Furthermore, if changes in body size have occurred, this increased visibility attracts attention. This is usually unhelpful because it often results … Continued

Eek! I think someone at my gym has an eating disorder!

At BodyMatters we have recently had an influx of enquiries from people who frequent gyms and have noticed other members exhibit behaviour that appears to be suspiciously ‘eating disordered’. It can be a horrible feeling being either a staff member at a gym, or a gym member, witnessing someone’s weight drop to dangerous levels in … Continued

Would a diagnosis by any other name taste as sour?

In Australia, eating disorders are diagnosed according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) and feature a cluster of behaviours including a: * preoccupation with food or weight; * persistent concern with body image; * “thinness at all costs” mentality that justifies unhealthy eating/diet practices such as severely restricting food or compensating for calories ingested; * … Continued

Anorexia Kills Girls: don't say you love it

[Trigger warning for sufferers of eating disorders] Today’s post is written by BodyMatters’ friend and colleague Melinda Tankard Reist.  Melinda is the author of ‘Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls’ and social commentator.  Her post is written in  response to artist Alexsandro Palombos’ recent line of t-shirts stating ‘I heart anorexia’.  The disease destroys the lives of too … Continued

Latest book review – ‘Why Can’t I Look the Way I Want?’

Melinda Hutchings strikes again with a vital resource for the shelves of adolescents, parents, teachers and school counselors. If recovery from an eating disorder ever came with a manual this should be it: a hopeful and empowering guidebook that serves as a reference point for people negotiating the difficult journey back to health. “Why Cant … Continued

10 things not to say to someone with an eating disorder

by Lydia Jade Turner In our last post we discussed the ease at which one might accidentally distress an eating disorders sufferer by saying the wrong thing. Now, we unravel 10 comments typically made to sufferers that, despite best intentions, ultimately cause hurt and offence. Please note that all of the comments cited here are genuine and have been … Continued

TV presenter upsets eating disorders sufferer

By Lydia Jade Turner One of the hardest things about eating disorders is that – as with any mental illness – they do not succumb to logic. Telling someone with an eating disorder “you are beautiful just as you are,” and that “food is not the enemy” will only prove to them that you don’t understand what they’re going through. … Continued

Learning to treat patients with respect

By Lydia Jade Turner Last month, a woman in her early twenties contacted me, distressed upon witnessing the mistreatment of her housemate by an Emergency Medicine Specialist. Her housemate Joanie*, also in her twenties, had just been admitted into hospital following a serious suicide attempt. What follows is an excerpt from a letter of complaint written by Anna* … Continued

Eating disorders: The Eating Disorder Voice

Media reports on eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia nervosa often put a disproportionate amount of focus on the external behaviours that characterise the disorder – namely, behaviours that involve food, weight, and shape. While these three factors cause a significant amount of distress to sufferers of eating disorders, what is often not discussed are … Continued