Do you or someone you love have binge eating disorder? If so, you are likely aware of how challenging and devastating this condition can be. Eating disorders could completely control and negatively impact all aspects of life, from relationships to work, and can even be potentially life threatening. That is why those who suffer from binge eating should get the help they need near St. Leonards or wherever else they may be. At BodyMatters Australasia, located in Neutral Bay, we can provide a pathway to recovery for those looking for freedom from their binge eating or other eating disorders.

How Does Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Look?

Binge eating disorder is defined as an uncontrollable need to consume large quantities of food through repeated episodes referred to as “binge eating” or simply bingeing. It is one of the most common eating disorders known, and yet many individuals suffer from this disorder for months or years without receiving the treatment they need despite the negative impacts the condition can have on one’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

If you or a loved one is ready to break this harmful cycle, you should be aware of your options for binge eating disorder treatment in St. Leonards and surrounding areas.

A person struggling with binge eating disorder is engaged in a battle with food which is intertwined with feelings of guilt, anxiety, anger, or depression. Addressing these feelings and offering healthier alternatives is at the basis for most evidence-based forms of treatment for binge eating disorder near St. Leonards-area clinics. Any forms of treatment which are overly focused on weight or caloric intake should be avoided as they may reinforce and worsen underlying body image issues and even exacerbate an eating disorder.

Treatment for binge eating disorder varies from person to person depending on their individual needs and the possible underlying causes and triggers for their bingeing. Normally, there is a significant emotional component involved, and issues related to previous trauma or abuse may need to be addressed as well. Diaries and personal record keeping may also form a part of the treatment process, as individuals become more aware of their habits and track their progress.

How Binge Eating Disorder Treatment for those near St. Leonards Can Help

If you are concerned that you or someone you love is suffering from binge eating, getting help near St. Leonards is as easy as contacting BodyMatters Australasia to begin a health-based treatment plan. We offer a non-judgmental approach to our treatment and accept patients of all sizes and shapes unconditionally. We actively combat issues surrounding weight stigma and body shaming. Our approach focuses on building healthier habits which are not tied to reaching or maintaining a particular weight.

BodyMatters Australasia has experienced therapists ready to offer a customised treatment plan for your binge eating disorder. We strive to create a compassionate setting which supports you as a person first and foremost. If you or someone you care about is struggling with this intricate condition, be sure to contact us to see how we can provide the help and support needed for recovery.