Feeling Like the Only One with Your Problem

Reposted from Eating Disorders Blog with permission; Adapted from original article by Karen Koenig.   It makes me sad to hear clients or workshop participants say that they feel like the only one with a specific problem. Maybe it’s bingeing, bulimia, or secret eating. Or having a mom with a long-standing drinking problem or a Dad … Continued

BodyMatters staff taking on the Colour Run

By Georgina Lavan Source: The Colour Run The BodyMatters team have made a pact to take on the happiest 5k on the planet – the Colour Run 2017!! Our whole team will be donning our whites as we jog through the picturesque Sydney Botanic Gardens, enjoying the night skyline whilst being covered head to toe … Continued

Equine Therapy

By Georgina Lavan Source: Community Counselling Solutions When you hear the word therapy, many people’s initial thoughts involve the stereotype of sitting indoors on a lounge with their back turned to the therapist. Whilst traditionally, therapy is done indoors, in recent years therapists in Australia have been mixing things up and taking therapy outdoors in the … Continued

Male body dysmorphia

By Georgina Lavan Source: Gym Buzz Body image issues in males are often a silent subject when women are so readily criticized in the media. However, reported cases in Australia continue to rise as the ideal vision of masculinity is continually chased by the male community. It has been reported that one in 10 men … Continued

BodyMatters welcomes dietitian Sal to the team!

NICKNAME:  Sal QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Science, Postgraduate Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics, Diploma of Education ACHIEVEMENTS: Balancing a career in nutrition and being a mother of three (now) teenage children WHY DID YOU PURSUE DIETETICS? A love of food and a fascination with its integral role in health and wellbeing WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO … Continued

Making SMART New Year’s Resolutions

Source: Pinterest  Did you know that “new year’s resolution” is the 6th most common keyword searched on Google when it comes to goal setting? (Hill, 2016) The New Year gives us a time to reflect on the year that has past and what we have, or in some cases, haven’t achieved. Many of us aim … Continued

Christmas at BodyMatters

By Georgina Lavan At BodyMatters, we love, love, LOVE the festive season! We’ve been playing carols all month and hope you’ve been enjoying the decorative touches we’ve added to the office. We’d like to take this opportunity to share our holiday favourites with you to help you get into the Christmas spirit. SARAH Favourite Christmas … Continued

The gruelling demands for VS wings

By Georgina Lavan  Trigger Warning: Extreme dieting and unsafe dieting practices Source: Popsugar The Victoria’s Secret annual fashion parade aired recently, December 8 on channel 9. With alumni models including Giselle Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks and Miranda Kerr having graced the stage in the biggest fashion show of the year, it’s humbling when we … Continued