The Morning Show asks Sarah about Exhibitionism

Yesterday, The Morning Show interviewed co-director Sarah McMahon about Serena Williams’ decision to post a ‘racy’ photo of herself on Twitter, a week after a man was convicted for stalking her. Along with our good friend and social commentator Nina Funnell, as well as the head of the Australian Sex Party Fiona Patten, The Morning … Continued

The Morning Show asks Lydia if Love Handles can be Healthy

Co-director Lydia Jade Turner appeared on The Morning Show for the second time this week, this time commenting on new research showing that being overweight may actually be beneficial to health. Is it okay to be ‘overweight,’ or is this just an excuse for some to indulge in unhealthy lifestyle habits? Find out here-

The Morning Show interview Lydia about Virtual Boob Job

Co-director Lydia Jade Turner appeared on The Morning Show today, alongside plastic surgeon Dr Joseph Ajaka, discussing a new virtual iPhone application that gives young women a boob job. Is it just a bit of harmless fun or should we be concerned about it? What are your thoughts on this app?

The Morning Show interview Lydia about body image issues

Paris Hilton has recently come under fire for having gained weight, with many tabloid articles criticizing her for being too fat. Kim Wilson, editor of New Idea, and co-director Lydia Jade Turner were interviewed about this issue today on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show. Lydia highlights the problem of public scrutiny and shaming celebrities for … Continued

ABC Radio interview Lydia about obesity research

Fiona Wyllie from ABC Radio interviews co-director Lydia Jade Turner about conflicts of interest in obesity research, and the problem of taking a weight-based approach to health. Particularly moving is a message Fiona reads out from one of the listeners in response to this interview at 15:40 mins in, about their own experiences of discrimination based … Continued

A weight off your mind

This article was first published on ABCs Unleashed on 25th January 2011. This week marks the start of ‘Healthy Weight Week,’ brought to you by the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA). With the DAA claiming that 61 per cent of Australian adults and 25 per cent of Australian children are either overweight or obese, many people … Continued

Kylie Minogue's music clip sparks controversy – Channel 7 and Melbourne Talk Radio interview Lydia

Recently, co-director Lydia Jade Turner was interviewed on Channel 7’s The Morning Show and subsequently Melbourne Talk Radio, discussing Kylie Minogue’s music video All the Lovers. The impact of the increasing pornification of culture on youth thanks to big business is highlighted. and Listen to Melbourne Talk Radio – Matt Thompson interviews Lydia

Putting the Merry into Christmas – Body+Soul interview Sarah

Recently, co-director Sarah McMahon was interviewed by The Daily Telegraph’s Body+Soul, about how to manage stressors that often accompany the Christmas season. Read her interview below- THE festive season is a time of fun, but for many it can also be stressful. Here’s how to make this year’s your best ever.

Breaking babies' bones: Radio 4CRB 89.3FM interviews Lydia about the growing 'obesity crisis'

Recently there have been a spate of headlines fueling hysteria towards the obesity epidemic: “Doctors forced to break babies bones to deliver them safely” cries one, while just last week another headline screamed “Even one extra kilo raises death risk!“ We’re also seeing increasing problems with conflicts of interest in obesity research, leading to harmful … Continued