Kyle and Jackie O’s Fatchelorette

By Georgina Lavan Source: KIIS FM Following the conclusion of this season’s Batchelor, Kyle and Jackie O rode on the coattails of the popular reality show and launched their own radio segment dubbed the “Fatchelorette”. Featuring bachelorette Elise, the show scouted suitors to win over her heart. The twist of course is that she was … Continued

Ethnic plastic surgery: Changing your face and your race

By Georgina Lavan  Ethnic plastic surgery – a term coined by the industry as cosmetic surgery for altering features that are typical of a race – is on the rise. Often referred to as cosmetic surgery for the African American, Asian and Hispanic communities, many have argued that the industry has brought controversy to ethnic … Continued

Fat Talk

By Deborah Etienne-Ward   Friend 1: “Ugh, I hate my thighs”? Friend 2: “What’s wrong with your thighs?” Friend 1: “They are so fat” Friend 2: “Oh please, you have no fat” Friend 1: “Yes I do, look!” Friend 2: “OMG (Oh My God) there’s nothing there. If you think you are fat then I … Continued

How to: Make your own self-soothing sensory kit

By Georgina Lavan  Self-soothing is a distress tolerance skill learnt in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Its aim is to alleviate distress through comforting and nurturing oneself when experiencing a crisis. A self-soothing sensory kit is designed to be accessible when someone is experiencing heightened emotions or distress. Self-soothing is done using the five senses – sight, … Continued

Are IV clinics encouraging irresponsible behaviour?

By Georgina Lavan Source: The Telegraph In December 2015, Sydney saw its first intravenous clinic, named The Hangover Clinic, open its doors. Traditionally, the age old Aussie hangover cure consisted of a glass of Berocca and a trip to your local McDonald’s. Now, people are resorting to forking out hundreds of dollars to relieve their … Continued

Man-ing Up Mental Health

By Georgina Lavan Gus Worland   Triple M breakfast host Gus Worland is on a mission to save men’s lives. After experiencing firsthand the loss of his close friend Angus to suicide, the search for answers to mental health in men and the definition of masculinity in Australia is Worland’s call of duty in the … Continued

The illusion of a plus size model

By Georgina Lavan Source: Refinery29 The plus size fashion industry has been growing drastically over the past few years. In 2014, sales in plus size fashion grew by 7%, generating USD$17.6 billion into the industry. With e-commerce being the biggest platform for consumers to access clothing that is not so readily available in stores, the … Continued


By Emma Sheens Can you fully recover from an eating disorder? Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt. Often people struggling with an eating disorder (ED) feel defeated, hopeless, confused and uncertain about whether or not full recovery can ever be reached. The label of an ‘eating disorder’, which comes about through receiving a diagnosis, can also … Continued

Moving Beyond Body Positivity

By Asam Ahmad Since most of us grow up being taught to hate our bodies, learning about body positivity can be life-changing. The idea that all bodies are valid, that dieting doesn’t work, that one can live a happy and meaningful life in their body as it is, are messages most of us benefit from … Continued

Tips for Providing Meal Support

By Deborah Etienne-Ward Meal times are often challenging for both the person with an eating disorder and their family or friends who are trying to provide support. People with eating disorders can have a range of unusual eating behaviours including: Not eating or eating a very small amount Not eating certain foods Cutting food into … Continued