Cosmo clickbait sending wrong message

By Georgina Lavan. Source: Twitter Cosmopolitan US is under fire after its social media outlet misled readers through a weight loss clickbait. The tweet titled “How This Woman Lost 44 Pounds Without ANY Exercise” sucked audiences into reading about one woman’s weight loss journey, as if the article were to answer all the readers prayers. … Continued

Why is I’m A Celebrity promoting weight loss?

By Georgina Lavan Source: Wikipedia First things first, I am not a viewer, nor a fan of the Channel Ten show “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”. This did require me to do a bit of research to find out what the show was about. What drove me to write this were the … Continued

What is Khloe teaching us about the “revenge body”?

By Georgina Lavan Source: The Celebrity Auction The Kardashian’s are at it again in 2017. Kim is back on social media, Rob and Chyna have just had a baby, and the youngest of the Kardashian daughters, Khloe, has been doing the rounds of media campaigns for the release of her new television show ‘Revenge Body … Continued

Why my diet isn’t working

By Deborah Etienne-Ward Height is largely determined by our genetics. Similarly, genetics also plays a large role in determining our weight (Silventoinen & Kaprio, 2009). We largely accept that there is variety between people in height; however, we tend to idealise a thin body shape and discriminate against other body shapes and weights. According to set … Continued

The rise of #Fitspo

(Trigger warning: unsafe dieting practices; ‘clean eating’; excessive exercise) By Georgina Lavan The popular wave of fitspo, or fitspiration, has taken over our social media outlets. Whether Instagram is suggesting I follow Kayla Itsines or my friends are liking Ashy Bines’ Facebook page, the message of toned, strong and fit bodies is in full force, especially … Continued

The Biggest Loser study: Why contestants can’t keep the kilos off

(Trigger warning: Unsafe dieting practices, weight, calories) By Georgina Lavan Earlier this month, the Obesity Journal released astonishing results on a study conducted on contestants from the NBC series ‘The Biggest Loser’, determining whether physiological factors played a role in the obesity epidemic and the unsuccessful long term weight loss of the hit reality show … Continued

Dieting: Confused anyone?

By Madalyn Oliver A few weeks ago I was browsing through my local community noticeboard on Facebook when I stumbled across the following post: “Hey all! Anyone in this group, how have you found motivation to lose weight? And actually stick to it. I have 16 months to lose at least 30 kilos. Best diets … Continued

Why I won’t be ‘shredding for the wedding’

By Madalyn Oliver After nine years of dating my now fiancé (it still feels weird calling him that!), I was more than ready when he finally asked me to marry him. I was ready to make the commitment to spend the rest of my life with him. I was ready to start planning the most … Continued

Should gyms be encouraging weight loss??

By Rebecca Stern Some of the ideas that society likes to tell us is that to fit in you need to be skinny, you need to tone up for summer, you need to work out so that you look attractive and you will be more successful. It is easy to believe these messages as they … Continued