Overcoming Compulsive Exercise

By Tim Fulton Recently, Esquire magazine published an article that tells the story of man that compulsively exercises. He has travelled the world but his thoughts and urges to exercise have led him to spend hours in the gym on these trips rather than enjoying the amazing sights on offer. For those experiencing eating disorders, exercise compulsion … Continued

BodyMatters staff taking on the Colour Run

By Georgina Lavan Source: The Colour Run The BodyMatters team have made a pact to take on the happiest 5k on the planet – the Colour Run 2017!! Our whole team will be donning our whites as we jog through the picturesque Sydney Botanic Gardens, enjoying the night skyline whilst being covered head to toe … Continued

Christmas at BodyMatters

By Georgina Lavan At BodyMatters, we love, love, LOVE the festive season! We’ve been playing carols all month and hope you’ve been enjoying the decorative touches we’ve added to the office. We’d like to take this opportunity to share our holiday favourites with you to help you get into the Christmas spirit. SARAH Favourite Christmas … Continued

How much is too much? When exercising becomes unhealthy

By Madalyn Oliver When incorporated as part of a balanced lifestyle, exercise can play an important role in keeping your body healthy and strong. It can strengthen bones and muscles, reduce the risk of a heart attack, enhance circulation, lower blood pressure, decrease the risk of falls, raise metabolism, improve mood and increase energy levels. … Continued

Exploring Perfectionism with Tania Veronese

By Madalyn Oliver Perfectionism is defined as the tendency to set extremely high standards for oneself that are unrealistic. Failure to meet these impossible standards is often met with distress, guilt and self-criticism. It is important to note that perfectionism goes beyond setting personal goals and striving for self-improvement. Rather, individuals with perfectionistic traits are … Continued

Charter of Peer Support: A Photo Blog

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon What informs how we approach supporting people with body image or eating issues? This photo blog is a visual illustration of six key principles we have recently showcased on our facebook page– a “charter of peer support” for family & friends to consider. Please  add any further suggestions of principles … Continued

Help!! Someone I love has an eating disorder!!

  By Psychologist Sarah McMahon At BodyMatters we have a constant stream of people contacting us because someone they love has an eating disorder- and they don’t quite know what to do. Unfortunately eating disorders don’t come with a manual, and so I am attempting to cover the very basics of what you should do … Continued