What is the role of an Eating Disorder Dietitian?

By Sally Drinan How can a Dietitian assist someone recovering from an Eating Disorder? A Dietitian specialising in the treatment of Eating Disorders works with both the physical and psychological aspects of the illness. An Eating Disorder Dietitian provides nutritional counselling to achieve physical nourishment and the restoration of normalised eating behaviours. How does the … Continued

BodyMatters welcomes dietitian Sal to the team!

NICKNAME:  Sal QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Science, Postgraduate Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics, Diploma of Education ACHIEVEMENTS: Balancing a career in nutrition and being a mother of three (now) teenage children WHY DID YOU PURSUE DIETETICS? A love of food and a fascination with its integral role in health and wellbeing WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO … Continued

The Value of Seeing a Dietitian in ED Recovery

By Remie Jaggard and Gabriella Barclay When an individual is in treatment for an eating disorder it is important to establish a team of professionals to help support a full recovery. There are many psychological, physical and social effects of having an eating disorder and therefore it is important to engage in treatment with professionals who … Continued

Bodymatters welcomes Gabi to the team!

NICKNAME: Gabi, Gabs, Gab QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Science Degree and an Honours in Nutrition from The University of Sydney. Recognised Accredited Practising Dietitian by The Dietitians Association of Australia. ACHIEVEMENTS: Professionally my biggest achievements are practicing in four locations in Sydney with highly specialised and well respected clinicians, who together are all working towards treating clients with eating … Continued