Signs of Compulsive Exercise

By Tim Fulton We often think of certain things as black or white, good or bad. Exercise is no different. Normally, we associate exercise as being good for you, but there are instances where excessive or unhealthy attitudes towards exercise can be detrimental to physical health and psychological well-being. Compulsive exercise, also referred to exercise … Continued

Overcoming Compulsive Exercise

By Tim Fulton Recently, Esquire magazine published an article that tells the story of man that compulsively exercises. He has travelled the world but his thoughts and urges to exercise have led him to spend hours in the gym on these trips rather than enjoying the amazing sights on offer. For those experiencing eating disorders, exercise compulsion … Continued

Boosting Positive Body Image

Reposted from Eating Disorders Blog with permission. Adapted from original article by Laura Cipullo. Take a moment this week to focus more on the positive, forget black and white thinking, and exercise your passion with this inspirational blog post! More on the Positive – Instead of focusing on weight, scales or muscles, think about the positive characteristics … Continued

I must…I have to…I should exercise!

By Emma Sheens Source: Pexels  If someone was to ask you “Hey, why do you exercise?” what might your answer be? Would your response contain phrases like “I must”, “I have to” or “I should”? Do you exercise out of obligation? Do you exercise in order to compensate for eating certain foods? Do you have … Continued


Exercise can be the Perfect Hiding Place for Eating Disorders and This Needs to Change The following blog was written by Robyn Baker, the owner and operator of Asteya Fitness, as part of YBIC’s on-going partnership with World Eating Disorders Action Day. To learn more about WEDA and get involved read and share the Nine … Continued

How much is too much? When exercising becomes unhealthy

By Madalyn Oliver When incorporated as part of a balanced lifestyle, exercise can play an important role in keeping your body healthy and strong. It can strengthen bones and muscles, reduce the risk of a heart attack, enhance circulation, lower blood pressure, decrease the risk of falls, raise metabolism, improve mood and increase energy levels. … Continued