What is muscle dysmorphia?

By Remie Jaggard Muscle dysmorphia (MD) is a subtype of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Like other forms of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, the individual selectively focuses their attention on a specific flaw – one which is either minor, or imagined. Individuals with MD are typically preoccupied with thoughts surrounding their appearance, and in particular their muscularity. MD … Continued

The Value of Seeing a Dietitian in ED Recovery

By Remie Jaggard and Gabriella Barclay When an individual is in treatment for an eating disorder it is important to establish a team of professionals to help support a full recovery. There are many psychological, physical and social effects of having an eating disorder and therefore it is important to engage in treatment with professionals who … Continued

Myths surrounding Eating Disorders in Males

By Remie Jaggard The presence of Anorexia Nervosa in males was first noted by Sir William Gull in 1874. Since then, we have continued to learn and now know more about Eating Disorders (ED) in men than ever before. Despite this growth in our understanding, there are still many myths that surround male ED within … Continued

Supporting your child when they have a mental illness

By Remie Jaggard Mental illnesses affect most adolescents and children- either directly or indirectly through their peers, friends or family. With one in four Australians aged 16-24 living with a mental illness, and one in three experiencing moderate to high levels of psychological distress, it is becoming an increasingly important topic in our society (www.exploringteens.com.au).  … Continued

How to maintain your health this winter

By Remie Jaggard When it comes to motivation, the sunshine and warmth that summer brings is a big one as it encourages us all to get outside, enjoy the weather and be active. However, when winter rolls around we all tend to seek comfort in the warmth of our homes, neglecting our morning walks for … Continued