Challenging stigma with recovery stories

In her Honours Thesis, our Intern Psychologist Emma Sheens undertook research on the impact of challenging the stigma of anorexia through sharing stories of recovery. We were delighted to see Emma present on this topic at the recent Australia New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders conference in Sydney on August 1 & 2. This research explored the impact that recovery … Continued

Man-ing Up Mental Health

By Georgina Lavan Gus Worland   Triple M breakfast host Gus Worland is on a mission to save men’s lives. After experiencing firsthand the loss of his close friend Angus to suicide, the search for answers to mental health in men and the definition of masculinity in Australia is Worland’s call of duty in the … Continued

Medication for eating disorders blog 4: Stigma associated with Mental Illness and Psychotropic Medication

By Deborah Etienne-Ward It is well known that people with mental illness are stigmatised. Hurtful or offensive comments about people with mental illness are commonly made by people in the community, families, churches, co-workers, the media, and mental health caregivers. Problematically, despite these comments often not intending to insult a specific person, they are heard … Continued