15 Body Acceptance New Year’s Resolutions

Written by Madison Pribula

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Evidence shows that more than half of us set New Year’s Resolutions that we are not able to uphold or maintain. Often, we set the bar of our expectations way too high and feel as though we have failed when these goals are not met or achieved. Focus on little changes in these goals where you are able to better yourself and avoid setting dangerous or unhealthy goals such as unrealistic weight loss targets. Check out 15 body acceptance New Year’s Resolutions you are able to implement this new year below!

  1. Focus more on self-love
    Wake up every morning and write down something you love about yourself, try write something different every day!

  2. Throw out your scales
    Avoid measuring your value and worth off the number shown on the scales. Reduce the number of times you weigh yourself as this does not define your worth.
  1. ‘Marie Kondo’ your Instagram feed
    ‘If it doesn’t spark joy, then thank it and click unfollow’. It’s time to stop comparing ourselves to strangers we follow online who don’t motivate and encourage us to become stronger and better people. It’s time to clean up our social media feeds and erase the idea of a ‘perfect’ look.
  1. Listen to your body
    Take a step back and take some time out of your day for ‘you time’ when you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. You’re allowed to put yourself first. 
  1. Counteract negative thoughts
    Turn your negative thoughts about your body into positives. Be grateful for the body you have as it does amazing things for us! 
  1. Throw out the clothes you are keeping to fit into later
    Remove the clothes that do not fit you from your wardrobe that you are keeping to fit into later. Thank it and donate it to charity.
  1. Don’t associate the words ‘Fitness’ and ‘Weight’ as the same category
    If you are wanting to start a fitness journey do it for yourself and for the right reasons! If you are focusing strictly on weight loss or the word ‘weight’ it can be harder to maintain any sufficient, healthy and enjoyable form of exercise. Find movement you love to do for you. 
  1. Follow body-positive individuals online
    Search and follow individuals online that empower you to love the body you own every day.
  1. Redefine your idea of exercise
    Find movement and exercise you love to do! Don’t force yourself to complete exercises you hate and are doing for the wrong reasons. Find a way to move this year that makes you feel grounded and feel good at the same time.
  1. Love the body you own
    Find little things that make you feel your best, whether that is painting your nails your favourite colour, wearing your favourite shirt or pants or even treating yourself to a treat yourself day.
  1. Learn to prioritise body love and body acceptance
    Focus on loving and nourishing your body rather than depriving it. ‘Body Love is about fostering a positive relationship with our body.’ – Sarah McMahon Director of BodyMatters Australasia.
  1. Accept Compliments
    Learn to say thank you to compliments you are given instead of picking out flaws you are feeling that day as a response instead. Compliment those around you too, spread positivity. 
  1. Wear clothes you have always wanted to wear
    Venture out and wear items and styles of clothing you have always wanted to wear. Don’t feel scared to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your personal style.
  1. Eat foods you want to eat
    Remove the idea of the perfect ‘diet’. Eat foods you want to eat and try to overcome any guilt you may feel for doing so!
  1. Focus on what your body can do, rather than how it looks
    Your body is powerful and so are you! Be thankful for what your body is able to do for you that helps you become stronger every day.




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