A CALL TO ACTION! SIGN the petition to stop Jenny Craig's CEO presenting at conference for leaders of girls' schools!

Earlier this week we posted a blog questioning why the CEO of Jenny Craig will be presenting at a conference for girls’ schools. We contacted the school principal Catherine Misson, of Melbourne Girls Grammar (the school that is hosting the conference), whose executive director informed us Jenny Craig’s CEO is a “women’s health advocate” – reiterating Misson’s earlier comment that Jenny Craig’s CEO is a “champion of women’s health.”

We also tried to contact the conference organizer, Jan Butler, who refused to engage in discussion. Others report they too have been shut out.

It’s difficult to understand why, after numerous letters have poured in from health professionals around Australia, the US, even the Middle East- the conference organizers refuse to engage in a discussion on this matter.

So today we started a petition, calling for the conference organizers to remove Jenny Craig CEO as keynote speaker. Our reasons are outlined in the petition below. Please SIGN it and tell Jan Butler Jenny Craig is NOT an appropriate leader for educators of young girls!


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