Are you ready for Christmas?

christmas table setting

Some of us love Christmas. Many of us don’t actually don’t. Indeed, most people have mixed feelings about Christmas and the holiday period. Furthermore, Christmas is actually the highest risk time for suicide. Many people, even people with loving families, can feel isolated, overwhelmed and alone. And of course, surviving Christmas can be very difficult when you have an eating disorder. If you are worried about some of the challenges you will be up against, you can check out our tips for surviving the holiday season and some other ideas on trying to make this time of year a bit easier.

Our office will be closed and will be reopening on 5th January 2015. There are some appointments available on 29 December 2014 with Lydia Turner for anyone in crisis. We will also be manning info@bodymatters.com.au intermittently for the purpose of scheduling appointments for January, so do please be in touch that way if you wish to schedule an appointment either on 29 January or in the new year.

Finally, one of  the real joys of this time of year is the opportunity to say thank you for your support and involvement in BodyMatters through 2014. On behalf of our team, we wish you a happy and prosperous holiday break and new year.

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