Five tips from six experts: Surviving christmas & new years without dieting

For many, the temptation to diet is particularly high during this time of year with the combination of summer,...

December 18

Tips for Holidays: From the BodyMatters Team

Holidays are “meant” to be fun… but this is not always the case. Particularly if you or a loved...

December 17

Year in review: how is your health?

At BodyMatters, we work from a health centred framework that considers health as holistic and ongoing process that includes...

December 15

BodyMatters’ Body Image Challenge

Join the BodyMatters Facebook community for 101 challenges over 101 days- our Christmas present to you. Commencing January 2018.

December 15

BodyMatters’ top 20 books for holiday reading

We are pleased to release our “top 20” books for holiday reading which we trust will help you on...

December 13

Six food sites to mix things up in the kitchen

Source: Fanpop With the warmer months in full swing, many of us want to change up our meals and...

December 3

Men get eating disorders too!!

So often forgotten, men get eating disorders too! Last week Men Get Eating Disorders Too held their second national...

December 3

Louis Theroux talks to anorexia

“Would you have known I was anorexic if you saw me in the street” “I don’t know how to...

November 15

Facebook: Friend or foe?

  BodyMatters Director Sarah McMahon is thrilled to contribute regularly to Muse magazine as thier body image expert. This...

November 5

What is the role of an Eating Disorder Dietitian?

How can a Dietitian assist someone recovering from an Eating Disorder? A Dietitian specialising in the treatment of Eating...

November 4