Binge eating disorder is a complex set of behaviours which can have devastating effects on one’s emotional and physical health. Unlike occasional bouts of overeating which nearly everyone has experienced from time to time, with this disorder individuals may feel powerless against an overwhelming need to consume large quantities of food, followed by deep-seated feelings of guilt and shame. For those suffering from binge eating, there is help in Sydney at BodyMatters Australasia, a compassionate and non-judgmental clinic for those seeking recovery from their eating disorders.

Reasons to Seek Binge Eating Disorder Treatment in Sydney

There are currently no statistics available for how many individuals are suffering from binge eating disorder in Sydney. However, if you are suffering from this condition, you should know that you are not alone and that there are resources available to help.

Binge eating disorder involves repeated binging behaviours which occur over at least several months. Because of this, without help, your condition may grow worse over time as feelings of guilt increase and fuel a vicious cycle of eating to deal with underlying emotional issues. This is why it is so important to seek binge eating disorder treatment in Sydney as soon as possible.

Our culture is full of a variety of unhealthy pressures to maintain a certain size or shape, which can be damaging to those who suffer from issues with their body image. To help counter these harmful messages, and to replace them with more positive and health-affirming ones, it is vital to seek treatment in a supportive and safe space where you feel accepted and not judged.

How Therapy Can Help You Gain Control over Binge Eating

There’s no need to feel alone when you tackle an eating disorder. Alongside an experienced therapist, you can receive a customised treatment plan for your binge eating disorder at BodyMatters Australasia. We take an evidence-based approach to offer compassionate, confidential care in a non-judgmental setting. No matter your size or shape, or your condition, we will accept you as you are and work with you to help improve your health and overall state of well-being.

At BodyMatters Australasia, we strive to create a safe space where you feel you can express your feelings and your concerns with a trusted therapist who will help suggest healthy behaviours and coping mechanisms as a possible solution. Your privacy is maintained at all times so you can trust that your treatment will remain confidential, providing you the space you need to work through any difficult emotions you may be experiencing.

The recovery process for eating disorders varies from person to person, although you can expect that it may take at least several months to work toward your recovery. Throughout your journey, we will help provide encouragement and set realistic expectations toward improving your health. The fight against binge eating disorder may feel like the struggle of a lifetime, but with therapy and proper treatment, there is hope.

If you’re ready to gain freedom from your binge eating and get help in Sydney, contact BodyMatters Australasia to help put an end to this vicious cycle once and for all.