There are few things harder to cope with in life than an eating disorder. Unlike with some other issues people seek recovery for, such as alcoholism, you are simply not able to just avoid food as part of your treatment. The goal for those suffering from eating disorders is to develop healthier habits surrounding food in accordance with evidence-based therapies. If you are living in Sydney and have binge eating disorder, a path towards a healthier lifestyle may be found at BodyMatters Australasia.

What is Binge Eating Disorder?

Nearly everyone has overindulged in food occasionally, especially during social gatherings or during the holidays. While this behaviour is normal, in some individuals overeating can become uncontrollable and is made worse by isolation. These are some of the hallmarks of binge eating disorder.

Binge eating disorder is characterised by repeated episodes of so-called “binge eating”. During a binge, a person may eat far more food than they need, often until they feel uncomfortably full. Individuals with this disorder may feel guilty and try to conceal the amount of food they are consuming. There are also usually feelings of shame or resentment following a binge.

If this sounds familiar to you, and you live in Sydney, it is possible you may have binge eating disorder and should seek prompt treatment at a reputable clinic nearby. At BodyMatters Australasia, hope exists for those with binge eating disorder in North Sydney. If you suspect that you may have this disorder or any other eating disorder, you owe it to yourself to seek the treatment that you deserve.

Get Trusted Binge Eating Treatment Around North Sydney

Eating disorders frequently go hand in hand with feelings of hopelessness, but you should realise that there is hope for those with binge eating and similar disorders. Your condition may improve considerably through adopting a healthier attitude and relationship with food. Alongside a support team of therapists, and any friends and family who may offer their encouragement, you can regain balance in your life.

An important aspect of recovery is to not focus on caloric intake or weight, even if this may feel counterintuitive. As eating disorders frequently coexist with issues of body image or self-esteem, external judgment or pressures may be particularly damaging. Instead, as part of your treatment, you will likely be asked to work on building healthier behaviours and coping strategies for managing stress or possible feelings of inadequacy.

At BodyMatters Australasia, we offer evidence-based care for binge eating disorder in a compassionate and confidential setting. Our experienced therapists will provide you with customised treatment for your binge eating disorder, recognising you as an individual and helping you along your personalised road to recovery.

We understand that binge eating disorder is frequently associated with weight stigma, so we offer a non-judgmental approach and accept individuals of all sizes and shapes. Our treatment is focused on building healthier habits, not whatever number appears on the scale. If you’re ready to embrace a healthier future, contact BodyMatters Australasia to begin your binge eating treatment near North Sydney.