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How to Appropriately Deal with Coronavirus with your Child

                    Photo by Pixabay. Written by Madison Pribula   For...

April 3
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Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes to Make During Self-Isolation

                Photo by Pixabay. Written by Madison Pribula Due to the extent...

March 26
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COVID-19: How to Cope with Coronavirus Outbreak

                  Photo By Pixabay. Written by Madison Pribula With the world’s...

March 23
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When Picky Eaters Become Problem Feeders

                    Image by Masuba from Pixabay Let’s face it, parenting...

February 26

Surviving The Summer Body Bull*%&#!

                  Image by danielsampaioneto from Pixabay  By Andrea Guerrini Welcome to...

February 25
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February 2020 Online Recovery Talk

BodyMatters is pleased to introduce our February Recovery Talk presenter, Tully.             Tully first...

February 12
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Masculinity and Diet Culture

  Photo by whoislimos on Unsplash By Andrea Guerrini Most of the plus-size, body positive and body liberation movements...

January 7
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Fighting Back Weight Stigma

                      Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay  By Andrea Guerrini...

January 7
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15 Body Acceptance New Year’s Resolutions

Written by Madison Pribula Photo from PixaBay Evidence shows that more than half of us set New Year’s Resolutions...

January 4
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What is psychotherapy?

Written by Andrea Guerini Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay  What is psychotherapy? Psychotherapy is the term that refers...

December 31