The body issue: Women’s Health & Fitness

Our Psychologist Sarah McMahon is thrilled to continue her engagement as the resident Body Image Expert at Women’s Health & Fitness magazine. The September 2016 edition explored two important issues that Sarah contributed to- firstly, specific ideas on how to improve body image in potentially triggering situations; and secondly the very relevant topic of Fitspo, which continues to permeate many of our social media platforms. Buy the magazine to discover the pearls of wisdom that Sarah shares!

With the blurred boundaries between exercise, health and disordered eating, the opportunity to contribute regularly to Women’s Health and Fitness magazine is an important one- a relationship we very much value at BodyMatters. Indeed, problematic exercise is a very real issue that many of our clients experience. To this end, we will be running a specific program for people experiencing a problematic relationship with exercise, commencing on the afternoon of Saturday 8 October and running for six consecutive weeks. Please contact us to find out more about this.


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