Bodymatters welcomes Emma to the team!


NICKNAME: Em; Emmy; Aunty Em

QUALIFICATIONS: I have completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) degree, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Finally finding a career path that is meaningful and becoming an Aunty!

WHY DID YOU PURSUE PSYCHOLOGY? In short, I love to help others! I’ve always been interested in health and wellbeing and I love getting to know people and supporting people through life’s challenges.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO WORK AT BODYMATTERS? For a while now I have wanted nothing more than to help and support people in overcoming their eating disorder. I support the BodyMatters vision which views health as a holistic process and I would love to help people embark on a journey of self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth through encouraging them to regain a healthy balance between food, exercise and their body.

YOUR FAVOURITE QUOTE: I don’t have just one favourite, but many! I often call to mind a quote by Jim Elliot – “Wherever you are, be all there”. Another quote that I find helpful in the face of new experiences and adversities is by Theodore Roosevelt – “The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything”.

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS: Professionally, I hope to complete some further training in some capacity. I love learning and would like to continue growing in my career. Personally, I would love to be a wife and a mum!

FAVOURITE SPORTS OR ACTIVITIES: I love swimming in the heat of the summer when the water is bath temperature (I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to the cold). I also love spending time with my gorgeous puppy, Missy. We are currently doing dog agility classes on the weekend and it is such fun!!

FAVOURITE HOBBIES OR INTERESTS: I recently sewed together a collection of doilies and turned it into bunting. Vintage style!

WHAT IS YOUR SECRET SKILL: I can identity any smell there is, even if you can’t smell it! I’m super-schnozic!

WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU: Mothers. I’m constantly amazed and inspired at how mums dedicate their all, day-in, day-out.

WHO WERE YOUR CHILDHOOD HEROES: My Grandmother was and is my hero! She raised four daughters on her own from a young age.

3 THINGS YOU WOULD TAKE ON A DESERT ISLAND: My puppy – for the company; an unlimited supply of shampoo and conditioner – I hate having dirty hair; and matches – I doubt I’d be able to light a fire without them.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE INDULGENCE: Definitely a 60min remedial massage!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE: My favourite movie growing up was ‘Pride and Prejudice’ – the Colin Firth version!

FAVOURITE PLACES TO TRAVEL:Hawaii. I’ve been 3 times! It is the perfect holiday – sunshine, beach, shopping, nightlife and just a very relaxed vibe. Bliss!

IF YOU DIDN’T PURSUE PSYCHOLOGY, WHAT OTHER PROFESSION WOULD YOU PURSUE: I always thought I wanted to be a physiotherapist when I as growing up so perhaps I would have continued along that path if I hadn’t developed such a strong interest in psychology.