What makes you angry?

Anger is a huge theme we see in recovery, and learning to manage express anger in a helpful way...

January 5

Does my baby bump look big in this?! Nurturing a positive body image during pregnancy and post-partum

It’s difficult for the average woman to have the perfect body image, throw in a belly the size of...

November 12

Fitness fanatics or health?

Congratulations to BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon who has been invited to be “on call” and comment regularly in Women’s...

October 9

How can you safegaurd yourself from toxic body image issues?

Along with the *amazing* Susie Orbach, BodyMatters psychologist Kassie Bottalico spoke to Weekend Today this morning about Endangered Bodies’...

August 9
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Sarah speaks to Cleo about botox babies: The concerning new trend

Younger & younger women are using cosmetic treatment as a preventative measure against early aging. Specifically about 30% of...

July 30
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The 9 essential things that a girl needs from her father

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon The Best First Date has gone viral, being viewed over 8.5 million times. If you...

July 17
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Endangered Bodies announces their inaugural Australian Summit!

Endangered Bodies Australia has announced their inaugural Australian summit, following summits that have been held internationally- namely in New York...

July 15

Studio 10’s Forum on Body Image

Earlier this week I had the privilege of speaking about Body Image on Studio 10. You can watch the...

June 26
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PRESS RELEASE: Eating disorder experts warn about dieting for summer

With spring upon us, eating disorder experts warn that we should not be dieting in a bid to lose...

September 4
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Mamamia’s shocking new stats on body image

Yesterday Mamamia released some shocking new statistics highlighting just how alarming the body image crisis in Australia actually is....

August 19