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Fast demise: Does religious fasting trigger eating disorder behaviour?

By Sarah McMahon Today marks the beginning of Ramadan, an Islamic “holy month” where there is a period of...

June 18

Tips for getting through the Holiday period

By BodyMatters therapist Kassie Bottalico Christmas can be a particularly difficult time of the year for everyone; however the...

December 18

Why we love Recovery Record

 By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon At BodyMatters we are always looking for efficient and engaging ways that enhance how...

December 12

Starvation strikes! (trigger warning: graphic images)

By therapist Sarah McMahon Ancel Keys’ “Great Starvation Study” provides invaluable feedback when understanding the impact of starvation on...

November 25
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Revering Hunger

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon If we are feeling hot or cold, most of us would respond quite effortlessly...

September 18
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PRESS RELEASE: Eating disorder experts warn about dieting for summer

With spring upon us, eating disorder experts warn that we should not be dieting in a bid to lose...

September 4
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Eating Disorders in Schools

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to speak about eating disorders with some...

September 4
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Help!! Someone I love has an eating disorder!!

  By Psychologist Sarah McMahon At BodyMatters we have a constant stream of people contacting us because someone they...

August 14
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Please join us in welcoming Jen to the BodyMatters Team!

  When people apply for jobs at BodyMatters, or send through their resume, we are often asked what we...

July 31
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Skype: A New Solution to Accessing Treatment for Eating Disorders

By BodyMatters Clinical Psychologist Christie Lomas   Imagine this, your child is unwell, dying from a disease which stops her...

July 23