A creative way to be more mindful

You may have heard lots about mindfulness and how it can help us to feel calmer, less stressed and more focused on the present. Practicing being ‘mindful’ often conjures up thoughts of sitting alone and focusing on relaxation or meditating. Whilst this can definitely help you feel calm, there are also other ways to get some benefits of having a quieter and less distracted mind. Getting involved in task that gives us a simple focus for our attention and takes us away from the pressures of life, can be a form of active meditation. Choosing a task we enjoy and allowing our creativity to flow is even better!

Encouraging active meditation through arts and crafts is a helpful way of supporting recovery from an Eating Disorder. The peacefulness of focusing on a simple creative pastime can effortlessly bring us into the present moment and help us worry less about the past or future. With focused attention, it’s easier to tune out our internal self-critical voice. We can be more open and accepting of things, and appreciate life and ourselves, just as we are. In a world of constant distractions, active mindfulness can bring a sense of balance and peace.

So, we’re excited to be able to offer Mindfulness Macramé Workshops with Angela Daley, to help you experience the benefits of mindfulness. Create a macramé wall hanging, connect with other people that are recovering from an Eating Disorder, and enjoy the simple pleasure of taking time to making something beautiful.

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