BodyMatters is delighted to provide a variety of services to compliment therapy. Events that BodyMatters frequently host include:

  • Events to support people impacted by eating disorders and to support recovery *
  • Events for professional development **

Further, we host additional events periodically, including the LEAP workshop to improve your relationship with exercise, yoga and mindfulness courses and additional support services for carers. Forthcoming events below.

October Online Eating Disorder Recovery Talk *
Oct 30 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

An intimate, small group presentation where a recovered individual shares about their eating disorder recovery. This presentation offers hope and insight to sufferers, parents, partners and health professionals trying to understand the recovery process. Our presenters are recovery champions who have volunteered to share their experience to help you. After they share their story, there will be the opportunity for a Q & A.

Given there is no one pathway to recovery, our Recovery Talks endevour to showcase a variety of eating disorder symptoms and recovery experiences. Ultimately we believe- and hope you take from our Recovery Talks- that recovery is always possible and usually occurs with through the combination of the right therapist, timing and treatment approach.

Our recovery champions are people we consider to be fully recovered. They have been educated about what may be helpful and what may be triggering for attendees to hear. Recovery Talks are moderated by at least one of our therapists.

You can read about our October Recovery Talk speaker Joanna here.


Recovery Talks

1 Personal Information
2 Payment Information
  • Price: $ 15.00
  • $ 0.00
  • Group are subject to a minimum of 3 people. If insufficient numbers are obtained we reserve the right to cancel the group however will issue a refund and/ or provide the details of alternative support available.
Body Image Boot Camp: How to Improve Body Image in our clients (Online) **
Nov 29 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

About the issue/ course:
Improving body image can be the most challenging element of working with clients recovering from disordered eating, particularly in this age of “normative discontent”. Often when our clients relationship with food is restored they continue to experience pervasive body shame. This workshop provides an abundance of practical skills to equip therapists to target body image concerns in clients.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the magnitude and impact of body image concerns
  2. Understand the extent to which our clients can make peace with their bodies
  3. Deconstruct the cultural landscape that breeds body image issues
  4. Understand how to use nuanced language to reduce body shame
  5. Identify clinical factors that perpetuate and maintain poor body image
  6. Implement CBT based exercises to improve client’s body image

Please note: this workshop is informed by the principles of Health at Every Size (™) as a framework for understanding body image concerns

  • Student*: $200.00 + GST
  • Regular: $300.00 + GST

*nb student ID required
About the presenter:
Sarah McMahon is the Director of BodyMatters Australasia, a sydney based private practice with a particular interest in treating eating and body image issues. Sarah has worked in the field of eating disorders for approximately 15 years and has supported hundreds of individuals to achieve recovery. Sarah is well known for her compassionate and respectful approach to treatment as well as her ability to engage with clients in the early stages of change, supporting them through the recovery journey.