BodyMatters is delighted to provide a variety of services to compliment therapy.

Commencing from January 2020 we will be running online structured support groups for parents and carers on Wednesday nights. These alternate each month depending on the age of your loved one. Supporting Your Child with an Eating Disorder is a 3x 2 hour program for parents of younger sufferers (aged 18 and under) who are undertaking Maudsley Family Therapy. Supporting Your Loved One with an Eating Disorder is a 2x 3 hour program for parents, partners, adult siblings and adult children of adult sufferers and/or younger sufferers who are not undertaking Maudsley Family Therapy. We also recommend our Parents and Partners Toolkit which is a useful resource you may benefit from.

Further, we host additional events periodically, including the LEAP workshop to improve your relationship with exercise, yoga and mindfulness courses and additional support services for carers. Forthcoming events below.

Maudsley Family Therapy Recovery Talk
Jan 30 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

We are very excited to announce our first Maudsley Family Therapy recovery talk from a mother’s perspective. This recovery talk is an intimate, small group presentation where Pauline, the mother of a previous BodyMatters client who has recovered from an eating disorder and shares their personal experience as a family from her son, Jannie’s eating disorder recovery. This presentation offers hope and insight to sufferers, parents, partners, and health professionals trying to understand the recovery process. Our presenters are recovery champions who have volunteered to share their experience to help you. After they share their story, there will be the opportunity for a Q&A.

Given there is no one pathway to recovery, our Recovery Talks endeavor to showcase a variety of eating disorder symptoms and recovery experiences. Ultimately we believe- and hope you take from our Recovery Talks- that recovery is always possible and usually occurs through the combination of the right therapist, timing, and treatment approach.

Our recovery champions/speakers are people we consider to be fully recovered. They have been educated about what may be helpful and what may be triggering for attendees to hear. Recovery Talks are moderated by at least one of our therapists.

You are able to read more about our guest speaker Pauline here.


Guidelines for the group:

Anything that is discussed in the group stays in the group and we are able to trust one another to respect each other’s privacy.

Please note: Registration closes Thursday 28th 2021.

*NB Minimum Numbers
To ensure the best experience we reserve the right to cancel a group if we have less then three registrations. Confirmation will occur within 48 hours of the group. Should this occur, you would be offered an alternative support option or will be refunded your booking.

Recovery Talks

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  • Group are subject to a minimum of 3 people. If insufficient numbers are obtained we reserve the right to cancel the group however will issue a refund and/ or provide the details of alternative support available.