 Who: An adult is required to attend each session with the child.
 What: Each week you will be given suggestions for foods to bring along
 When: Fridays 3.30 – 5pm for 10 weeks during Term 2, 2020. Beginning Friday 1 st May 2020.
 Where: Mosman Art Gallery
 How Much: $500 per child for 10 weeks. Private health rebates may be available depending on level of cover

Help your child to build their sense of adventure for food by exploring and interacting with a range of foods in a supportive environment. Led by  Psychologist Amy Newsom, each week your child will be introduced to and taught skills to tolerate new foods, and you will be guided as to how to support them at home. The aim of this group is to expand the variety of foods eaten by your child.

This group will suit you & your child if:
 Your child struggles to try new foods
 Your child avoids certain colours, textures or smells in food
 You are tired of cooking separate meals each night for your child
 Mealtimes in your household can feel like a battleground

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