Facebook: Friend or foe?


Muse1BodyMatters Director Sarah McMahon is thrilled to contribute regularly to Muse magazine as thier body image expert. This months article contemplates an issue we see regularly in our practice: the impact mainstream and social media has on our mental health- particularly it’s role in crafting a “look at me” phenonenon.

We become the producers in our own lives and curate what ever life narrative we want others to believe. This creates a cultural bias towards impression management for self enhancement, what psychologists refer to as “faking good” ironically leaving us all feeling bad because “everyone else has a more interesting/ happier/ successful life then me”

Muse is a magazine that provides space for thoughtful contemplation on many of the relevent issues we experience in life ranging from body image, womens health and relationships. The tagline “Think. Create. Become.” says it all. We highly commend the mag to you- you can find it in Coles and all good newsagencies.