Feeling Good Fridays!

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oxyxtreme-n-methylpentyl-iminoglutaric-acidFeeling Good Fridays: because it is SO important to talk about feeling good in recovery! Here are some ways that can help you feel good (or at least not so bad):

1. Have a desire to feel good

In order to make changes, whether that is in behaviors, thoughts or feelings, there needs to be at least a tiny part of yourself that wants to make the change. If the desire is absent, try to think about what is getting in the way.

2. Make a conscious choice NOT to compare yourself to others today

Don’t do it!! It is NOT worth it. Any time you compare yourself with others, you will lose. Especially for the perfectionist brain that thinks we can always be better. When you catch yourself comparing yourself to others, first notice and accept that you are comparing, and then tell yourself a mantra that resonates with you, like, “For this moment, I am not going to compare myself to others. It does not serve me well. It makes me feel badly about myself and today I am choosing to treat myself with self-love.”

3. Acknowledge your strengths

One (of the many) things that keeps people stuck in the eating disorder is refusing to see one’s assets. The ED never wants you to see the positive because then you might get rid of ED. WE ALL HAVE STRENGTHS. Even if you are struggling, YOU are more than your eating disorder. Make a list of as many positive qualities you see in yourself. If you are unsure, ask a friend what they see in you and see if you are willing to adopt them as your own.

4. Gratitude List

The last thing we want to do when we’re feeling badly is make a gratitude list–but this is one small way to help us feel better! We all have things to feel grateful for. Think of 5 things you feel grateful for today and write them down.

5. Do 3 things you DON’T want to do today

What can often keep one stuck is delaying what needs to be done. This could mean procrastinating about something like completing an assignment or cleaning your apartment. Maybe what you don’t want to do today is reach out to others. Maybe you don’t want to follow your food plan. Doing what you don’t want to do allows you to feel good about completing a task and allows your mind to be a bit more free–both of which contribute to a better mood. I feel better every time I do things I don’t want to do–which happens daily. I know you can do it!!

This article originally published on The Greta Gleissner site.


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