At Home with Eating Disorders Conference 2017

By Georgina Lavan


Source: Twitter

The At Home with Eating Disorders Conference is being held on May 12-13 at the Novotel at Olympic Park in Sydney, featuring keynote speakers Professor Janet Treasure OBE, Professor Stephen Touyz and Dr Roxanne Rockwell. The conference is designed for parents and carers of those suffering from an eating disorder, as well as clinicians. The conference will present the latest evidence in treating eating disorders, as well as practical skills and an opportunity to network and share your experiences with others. You can sign up for the conference here.

Professor Janet Treasure is the creator of eating disorder caregiver styles, whereby carers react in different animal analogies when caring for their loved ones. Carers can move from one animal response to another, ranging from over protecting to overtly emotional. Professor Treasure’s aim is for carers to experiment with their responses when interacting with their loved one, working towards the goal of inspirational animals, providing warmth, compassion, wisdom and support. You can read up on this further in our Carer’s blog. Her workshop will help assist with communication skills, instinctive responses and relationships between carers and their loved ones.

Professor Stephen Touyz is based at Sydney University and is the chair of the Executive Committee of the Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders. Dr Touyz consults at Westmead Hospital and specialises in the assessment and treatment of adults suffering with eating disorders. He is the author of Managing Severe and Enduring Anorexia Nervosa: A Clinician’s Guide and Eating Disorders (Advances in Psychotherapy: Evidence-Based Practice). Dr Touyz will be presenting ‘Facing the unthinkable: when anorexia nervosa does not remit: A new paradigm giving hope for the future’.

Dr Roxanne Rockwell is one of the founding members for the University of California San Diego Eating Disorders Program. She is a certified Family Based Therapist (Maudsley) and has worked with clients with eating disorders and weight management issues. Dr Rockwell will be presenting on meal coping strategies. She will be covering mealtime strategies, including interventions, meal distress and communication between parents/caregivers and their loved ones.

Our very own Psychologist Sarah McMahon will also be delivering two important lectures, “When restriction leads to binge eating, the what, why and how to manage it”, as well as “Developing the carer- clinician partnership” with Dr Lisa Dawson. The conference program can be viewed here.

Finally, as part of our services at BodyMatters, we offer our Carers Support Group on the first Saturday of each month. This is to support parents, carers and partners through the journey of their loved one’s recovery. You can sign up to our emails on our website, where you will receive monthly reminders to sign up for our Carers Group.


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