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insight An important narrative for recovery that many sufferers construct is around using the experience of having had an eating disorder to support other people in recovery. If this is something you or a loved one has concluded, now might be your opportunity to help others.

SBS Insight is a discussion forum bringing together people with first hand, personal stories to explore a single topic, in-depth, each week.

They are currently working on a program exploring when unhealthy food habits become eating disorders. They hope to look at the difference between disordered eating and eating disorders, how they can be identified and what is spurring them.

They’d love to hear from those who have sought or are seeking treatment in this area as well as family members of those affected. At this stage, they are just be hoping to have an informal background chat, over the phone for to hear about your experience. If interested, please contact milenad@sbs.com.au. If you are a client at BodyMatters please feel welcome to discuss the pros and cons of reaching out and potentially sharing your story with your therapist.


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