July Recovery Talk

You are invited to attend this months’ Recovery Talk which is being held this Saturday 28th July 2018 at our new Cremorne office!

Recovery Talks is a forum where a guest speaker who has recovered from their eating disorder is invited to share their story of recovery with others. 

Our July guest speaker is Angela. Angela’s experiences with an eating disorder started when she was around 16. Growing up with a focus on body image led her to believe that her identity was firmly attached to her weight and looks. This lead to restrictive eating and over-exercising, which continued through to her twenties. Following an illness, the Eating Disorder (ED) intensified and Angela began bingeing and purging. Her first step towards recovery came when she moved back to Sydney, after moving overseas, and felt she could finally start to talk about it and sought treatment. The decision to trust others to listen without judgement, and her own growing sense of spirituality, helped her to face the challenge of recovery. The process of recovery took a while – it was challenging to face her fears and there were ups and downs. Eventually, she got to the point where she was able to eat without thinking and was excited to realise that her ED was no longer in control. Angela notes how ED has taken lot from her but that she has also learned a lot about herself during her recovery process. Angela now feels more positive than ever and has a stronger sense of her own self-worth. She has also channeled her new-found energy into starting her business and maintaining her love of crafts and interior design.  

The Recovery Talk will begin at 5pm and run for 1.5 hours at a cost of $15 per person. It is important that you register and pay online for the group beforehand.Please register here

Registrations will close at close of business on the Friday before the scheduled Saturday group. Group numbers are capped at 10 people so be sure to register quickly to avoid disappointment as these talks do fill up quickly. 

For those of you who are considering coming along for the first time, our Recovery Talks normally run on the fourth Saturday of each month, and are open for anyone suffering with an eating disorder or struggling with any kind of disordered eating to attend.

We do hope to see you there! 

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