Kylie Minogue's music clip sparks controversy – Channel 7 and Melbourne Talk Radio interview Lydia

Recently, co-director Lydia Jade Turner was interviewed on Channel 7’s The Morning Show and subsequently Melbourne Talk Radio, discussing Kylie Minogue’s music video All the Lovers. The impact of the increasing pornification of culture on youth thanks to big business is highlighted.


Listen to Melbourne Talk Radio – Matt Thompson interviews Lydia

11 responses to “Kylie Minogue's music clip sparks controversy – Channel 7 and Melbourne Talk Radio interview Lydia

  1. Wow, what a heated interview! I really loved your answer to his last question about the burqa – great work!!!

  2. what a tough radio interview, lydia! you do realise that melbourne talk radio is notorious for positioning people as either villains or heroes, don’t you. tread cautiously, my dear friend!
    great interviews, both of them. you did well. also i wonder why the presenter (whatever her name is) on the morning show mentioned “‘conspiracy”. what was that about? ridiculous on her part!

  3. Let’s face it. Kylie is not the one who is doing sexual images in the first place. Her video is more decent than other artist like Britney who completely a whore in music videos and bad image of Motherhood in real life. SO GOOD ON YOU, KYLIE.

  4. Thanks for your views Gus. I don’t believe in labelling women ‘sluts’, ‘whores’ etc as this is a way of regulating women’s sexuality which is discriminatory. The reality is that decisions are made by the artist along with her management team. My argument was not directed at Kylie as a person but instead against the sociocultural and other pressures that lead to artists objectifying and sexualizing themselves just to compete/be noticed.

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