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We are thrilled to launch our professional development events calendar  for the next 12 months. There are a number of events we have already listed and we also have some more pending- so please watch this space! Most of these training courses will be delivered via Zoom and are therefore accessible to anyone in Australia- however please click the hyperlinks for more information about each course.

Firstly, we are thrilled to offer a two hour evening course on treating ARFID using the MFBT model by Colleen Alford. We have noticed increasing ARFID presentations in young people and it is fantastic to have an evidence based approach to treating these. This training is suitable for anyone who is MFBT trained.

We have our regular one day “Body Image Bootcamp” delivered via Zoom and facilitated by our Director Sarah McMahon. This practical course outlines “evidence based”, CBT based strategies for working with body image concerns. Of course, the effectiveness of these strategies is limited when clients exist in a toxic recovery environment that maintains body image concerns, including living in a fat or non conforming body and/or being bombarded by diet culture. The second half of the presentation elaborates on strategies to manage this. This training is suitable for any clinicians who come across body image concerns in their work, including dietitians and nutritionists. Given body image concerns are rampant in society, this training is also not limited to those already working in the eating disorder space.

Binge Eating Disorder: A Workshop, is one day training developed and delivered by BodyMatters Dr Carmel Harrison, and addresses the gap in treatment protocols for Binge Eating Disorder as a specific and independent diagnosis (rather than conceptualizing Binge Eating Disorder as non compensatory Bulimia Nervosa and augmenting treatment for that). This training is very practical and suitable for mental health practitioners specifically (rather than allied health practitioners more generally).

We are thrilled to offer two day, Maudsley Family Therapy training, delivered by Dr Andrew Wallis. This training is approved for therapists looking to become Credentialed. There is such a significant need for Maudsley Family Therapy currently, with extensive waitlists nationally. This training is suitable for any allied health practitioners wanting to understand Maudsley Family Therapy and develop Maudsley Family Therapy skills.

Finally, we are delighted to offer a two day Introductory Schema Therapy and a one day Advanced Schema Therapy workshop by Dr Susan Simpson. These courses create an opportunity to learn powerful techniques to work with eating disorder clients, particularly those with entrenched beliefs or complex presentations. This training is suitable for mental health practitioners specifically (rather than allied health practitioners more generally).

If you would like any more information on any of the above, please visit our events page. 

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