Low Cost Counselling

We believe that everyone deserves access to good treatment. We offer a limited number of places for low cost treatment through consultation with an intern or provisionally registered psychologist. Currently, low cost counselling services are offered by Christine, our Intern Psychologist. These therapists have completed all formal tertiary studies required to become a psychologist, and are in the process of completing a period of ‘supervised practice’ in the workplace working towards gaining full registration as a psychologist. Treatment provided by these therapists is well supervised and provided in conjunction with more experienced therapists – so this can be an excellent opportunity for clients to access the best treatment given the level of support and collaboration the intern has in the workplace.

Medicare or private health fund rebates are not available for treatment sessions provided by an intern psychologist. However, the cost of these sessions is normally reduced to account for this. Seeing an intern psychologist for treatment can be a particularly cost effective option for clients who are not able to access Medicare rebates (e.g. Skype clients and non-citizens) and/or are not covered under private health care; or clients who have exhausted these entitlements.

Please note that our places for low cost counselling are limited. If you are interested in accessing this service please contact us. You may also like to check this page periodically or subscribe to our blog to hear more about the availability of low cost counselling and when a greater number of places will be opened.