Masada College hosts community forum

BodyMatters is thrilled to be involved in this important event, hosted by Masada College. “I am particularly excited to be speaking with a range of vital stakeholders, including national eating disorder charity The Butterfly Foundation and local youth development service, KYDS” said Psychologist Sarah McMahon. “We all provide important and complimentary services, it is wonderful that Masada is providing an opportunity for us to unite and address the issue of eating disorders and body dissatisfaction. Further, extending this invitation to the broader community demonstrates Masada’s continued interest and care in mental health issues. Considering eating disorders unfortunately remain stigmatised and misunderstood, it is refreshing to see a school taking this issue so seriously”.

The event is scheduled for an upcoming Monday evening- 10th November from 7.30- 9.30pm. Please do share with people who may be interested in attending.

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