QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), Master of Professional Psychology, Graduate Certificate in Grief, Loss and Trauma Counselling.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Completing honours and masters level training in psychology is an achievement I am very proud of. It has been a journey of immense personal and professional growth and I am still thoroughly enjoying travelling along this path. I am proud of myself for developing an inpatient Dialectical Behavioural Therapy program which continues to help individuals to regulate emotions, develop a strong sense of self and to form healthy relationships with others.

But most significantly, I am proud of myself for creating a safe, nonjudgmental and supportive space for the many clients I have had the privilege of getting to know and work with during my time as a therapist. 

WHY DID YOU PURSUE PSYCHOLOGY? I have always been curious about the world around me and have always wanted to pursue a profession which is meaningful, stimulating, and helpful to others.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO WORK AT BODYMATTERS? I completed my placement at BodyMatters and loved it. It’s an amazing team who are extremely passionate about what they do!

YOUR FAVOURITE QUOTE:  “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are” – Carl Jung.

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS: Feeling content and grateful, but also hoping I’ve had the chance to travel a bit by then!

FAVOURITE SPORTS OR ACTIVITIES:  I love hiking, walking along the beach at sunrise, and having a swim in the ocean on a hot day 🙂

FAVOURITE HOBBIES OR INTERESTS: Seeing live music, cooking, spending time in nature and trying to keep my many indoor plants alive. As a Melburnian, I would also have to say trying new cafes and restaurants now that lockdown is over!

WHAT IS YOUR SECRET SKILL: I’m pretty good at table tennis! I’m far less skilled when it comes to keeping my aforementioned plants alive!

WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU: People who dedicate their lives to helping others. I am also inspired by the sheer tenacity of the human spirit. People who have overcome the most significant challenges and go on to inspire others through their strength, humanity, courage and wisdom.

3 THINGS YOU WOULD TAKE ON A DESERT ISLAND: Can I say a small boat?! Sunscreen, sunglasses and a dog!

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE INDULGENCE: Reading a book in the park on a sunny day. The best!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE:  Call me by your name.

FAVOURITE PLACES TO TRAVEL:  Anywhere warm and close to the beach.