NICKNAME:  Sometimes Hayles but usually just Hayley.

QUALIFICATIONS: BSc(Nutrition and Psychology), Msc(Nutrition and Dietetics), Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Graduate Diploma of Education

ACHIEVEMENTS: The above qualifications! And being a mum.

WHY DID YOU PURSUE PSYCHOLOGY?  I have always been interested in physical and mental health. It is hugely rewarding to be able to help guide people and support them towards wellbeing. It is a gift to be able to say I love my job.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO WORK AT BODYMATTERS? I am committed and passionate about working with clients with disordered eating. I love that BodyMatters shares the same commitment and passion to high quality, evidence-based care from a Health At Every Size framework.

YOUR FAVOURITE QUOTE: “The greatest glory in living lies not in ever falling, but in rising every time we fall.”- Nelson Mandela

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS: Continuing to do the same meaningful work with clients with more skills and experience! Continuing to follow my passions and spending as much time as possible with the people I love.

FAVOURITE SPORTS OR ACTIVITIES:  Running or hiking anywhere in nature. 

FAVOURITE HOBBIES OR INTERESTS: Reading, drawing and all varieties of dance music.

WHAT IS YOUR SECRET SKILL: Being sunsmart! With red hair, blue eyes and white, white skin you can always rely on me to have the suncream.

WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU:  Leaders in the field of eating disorders. Their passion and commitment to helping clients inspires me. My clients impress and inspire me daily with their resilience and hard work.

WHO WERE YOUR CHILDHOOD HEROES:   Teachers who deeply cared and were committed to the growth and wellbeing of children.

3 THINGS YOU WOULD TAKE ON A DESERT ISLAND:  Friends, family, and sun protection!

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE INDULGENCE: Taking the family out to dinner so I don’t have to cook.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE:  Anything with Leonardo DiCaprio

FAVOURITE PLACES TO TRAVEL:  I cannot wait to get back to Cinque Terre, Italy and the Greek islands.

IF YOU DIDN’T PURSUE PSYCHOLOGY, WHAT OTHER PROFESSION WOULD YOU PURSUE: It would probably be something in the medical field, perhaps a surgeon or midwife. Definitely a health and helping job.