The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a national scheme which aims to provide the necessary support and services that people with disabilities need. Psychology delivered through the NDIS delivers a high quality of service to Australians with a range of disabilities.

By accessing psychology and counselling sessions through the NDIS you are able to create a tailored plan according to your individual goals and to achieve a range of goals relating to everyday functioning. These goals will not only allow you to develop skills and coping techniques, but also develop a sense of confidence in everyday life.

Using funding to access psychology means that those with disabilities seeking therapy for eating disorders are able remove the financial stress and focus on their aims of treatment. In addition to this, accessing therapy in this context allows people with disabilities to grow in confidence in their abilities as your therapist can spend time developing strategies for everyday tasks.

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BodyMatters provides services through the NDIS. You can also use funding to pay for appointments, as long as this is part of your plan. You will need to give us copies of all your paperwork before the initial appointment so we can organize this. There are two ways to use your funding:

  • If you are Self-managed, then the psychologist will charge their standard fee and issue you with a receipt to claim back from the NDIA.
  • Plan-Managed, we send your invoices directly to your plan manager for payment

Please note that we are not NDIS registered and therefore do not accept work that is NDIS managed.

Please also note: Any fees charged under NDIS are not eligible for medicare rebates. Clients are responsible for paying any fees that are not being provided by the NDIS.

For more information regarding NDIS funded therapy, please contact our admin team.