SupportWise – Online Course to better understand how to support a loved one to recovery.

The only thing worse than seeing your loved one suffer is not knowing how to help them. SupportWise is a collection of online courses designed to empower parents, partners, siblings and friends who are supporting a loved one experiencing an eating disorder.

Developed by psychologists with experience helping people recover from eating disorders, SupportWise courses cover the most important things you need to know to support your loved one on their recovery journey. They will help you learn more about eating disorders, what your loved one is experiencing, treatment options and  practical ways for you to continue to support them through to recovery. The courses also provide information on how you can manage your own emotions and expectations and look after yourself.

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The Understanding Body Matters Podcast


The Understanding Body Matters podcast helps those impacted by eating disorders to understand more about the conditions and be inspired towards recovery. Developed by psychologists with significant experience providing treatment for eating and dieting disorders, body image issues and problematic exercise, the podcast provides reputable and reliable information. Hear from a range of speakers – including industry leaders and advocates, mental health experts and stories of hope from those who have recovered.

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We have more online programs coming- watch this space!