Our scope of services at BodyMatters is not limited to eating and body image concerns. It has become increasingly critical for us to understand the many complexities that our clients present with. For many this includes neurodiversity. At BodyMatters we believe in a neurodivergent paradigm and aspire to affirm neurodivergence. Psychological assessments can be a powerful tool to obtain a comprehensive understanding of what your child might be experiencing. Parents, schools, doctors and other allied health practitioners approach us for assessments when they have noticed a child is having difficulty at home or at school. BodyMatters provides a broad range of assessments including: 

  • Cognitive Assessment- determines intellectual potential (WISC-V)
  • Academic Assessment- determines achievement in language, reading, writing, mathematics (WIAT-III)
  • Educational Assessment- assess intellectual potential and academic achievement. Can be used to determine specific learning disabilities (WISC-V and WIAT III)
  • Functional Assessment- assesses general functioning and potential for intellectual disability (WISC-V & Vineyard)
  • Diagnostic Assessment- assesses intellectual potential, academic achievement and ADHD (WISC-V, WIAT III, Conners-4, CADDRA)
  • Autism Spectrum Assessment- assesses social and communication skills, restricted and repetitive interests & stereotyped patterns of behaviours (ADR-I and ADOS)
  • ADHD Assessment- : tests for symptoms of ADHD (Conners-4 and CADDRA)

Please note, this list is by no means exhaustive. We do have access to additional assessment tools including the PAI and additional intelligence testing. Please let us know if you have other testing requirements.

Image sourced from unsplash
Image sourced from unsplash

We use assessment information to make recommendations for interventions. We predominantly test children, however adult assessment is also available.

Please note that medicare does not provide rebates for assessments. Most private health funds provide a rebate, depending on your level of cover. You will need to speak to your provider to understand what you can access.

When possible we utilise our talented and enthusiastic provisional psychologists, under the supervision of experienced psychologists to administer our tests. This enables us to increase availability of assessments by providing testing at competitive price. As the assessments we utilise have excellent reliability and standardised protocols, rest assured your results will be the same if your assessment is by a provisional or registered or clinical psychologist. The exception is the autism assessments which are undertaken by a therapist who has extensive experience in working with autism.

Please contact us for more specific information on the tests we provide, the time required for assessment and our pricing. 

See our flyer here.

Please refer to the list of therapists below who are able to offer these Psychological Assessments.

Faimun Khan

Hiroko Kobayashi

Amy Newsom

Rebecca Jaggard

Meg O’Shea

Jaime McLellan

Harriet Iles