Q&A: Meet our new Social Media Intern Lakshmi


QUALIFICATIONS: I am currently completing a Bachelor of Marketing and Public Relations. I’m a freelance writer for Femme Heroine and a radio producer for 2SER FM 107.3.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Striving hard enough to have found a passion for creating meaningful content, being published at 18, interviewing one of my feminist icons, Erika Lust.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO WORK AT BODYMATTERS? My initial interest in Psychology stemmed from personal experiences and encounters concerning mental illness which gives legway to eating disorders and an unhealthy relationship with one’s self image. BodyMatters not only exists as a hub for help and healing but considers a holistic approach to recovery that can continue to empower individuals in the long run, as well as their families and friends.

YOUR FAVOURITE QUOTE: “We took walks at night. Sometimes we could see Venus above us. It was the shepherd’s star and the star of love ...It pleased me to imagine a presence above us, in continual motion, like liquid stars” – Patti Smith, Just Kids .

This quote reminds me that one of the hardest things to do in this world is to willingly love and to wholeheartedly believe in others and yourself. People are tearing themselves apart, are feeling disempowered and hurting others that we often forget what true happiness and love feels like because we don’t see if that often. There is no one way to get there but thinking about the idea is a start.  

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS: In ten years I’d hope to as a more peaceful and productive person. I’d love to have a full time career as a creative slashie, both in producing empowering and controversial content on feminism and sex, social history, cinema, culture and psychology. I’d love to work in PR and connecting with progressive individuals who’d have a lot to offer to the public or in an entrepreneurial field. It’d be a hectic milestone if I were to become a qualified yoga instructor in ten years time.

FAVOURITE SPORTS OR ACTIVITIES: I enjoy taking a few minutes a day to do some yoga and meditation, something that I find incredibly challenging but will push my levels of tolerance and patience in the long run and is just a time set aside to love myself a bit, which I believe everyone should set time aside for self love.  

I also do Arakan weekly which is otherwise known as Burmese street fighting. It’s not only a good sweat but brings out all the bottled-up anger and frustration which can be unhealthy to contain, so I do enjoy taking out some punches on a pad every so often.  

FAVOURITE HOBBIES OR INTERESTS: I’m an avid partaker of walking and dreaming for hours on end. It’s such a generous activity which both welcomes inspiration and prompts me to think clearly on a busy day. Walking is also my escapism and time alone and for those moments I can just take a step out of reality and all responsibility and just wander around Sydney.

I enjoy writing for pleasure, particularly poetry ( and yes I do consider this ‘exercise’, if not for the brain) because I’m a diehard romantic and can be a cathartic experience when I do get emotionally exhausted.

I’m a cinephile particularly for European and cult films, not just for mere entertainment but as something to analyse and as a testament to how society and individuals can be represented on screen. I have a keen eye for avante-garde cinematography and storylines like Harmony Korine films. I’ll admit that I’m an addict.

WHAT IS YOUR SECRET SKILL: It’s not really a skill but I like to think I can make anyone laugh with my Grade A dad jokes ( as in jokes genuinely regurgitated from my dad) ;).

WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU: Women who aren’t afraid to riot for their rights such as Kathleen Hanna,Nadya Tolokno,Adwoa Aboah, Erika Lust and Cleopatra. There are many more women who are mistresses of their land and hard workers that inspire me to stand up for myself.

I’m also inspired by pain or times of hardship. I don’t believe that pain is beautiful but I do believe that with the right mindset and support you can turn a painful experience into something beautiful and positive, it just takes time to get there.

WHO WERE YOUR CHILDHOOD HEROES: Buffy the Vampire Slayer of course will always be my favorite my fictional, feminist heroine.  

I’ve  always admired adventurous and risk takers like Howard Carter and James Bond as a kid. I remember just wanting to be the hero/heroine in movies that gets to save everyone. Years later I did a bit of a 360 and wanted to be savvy just like Lady Macbeth.

3 THINGS YOU WOULD TAKE ON A DESERT ISLAND: The world’s most durable and fluffy pillow because comfort is key, especially on a desert island.

My ipod so I can drive out the boredom with music and podcasts.

Ulysses by James Joyce because I’d finally have all the undisturbed time to rip through and analyse this novel and properly understand it.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE INDULGENCE: (like the French cliche I am) Any good red wine whilst watching any crass British comedy.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE: The Dreamers by Bernardo Bertolucci  


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