Sports Illustrated Make a Body Image Splash at Miami Fashion Week

By Georgina Lavan 


Source: News.com.au

Sports Illustrated Magazine is famously associated with the supermodels when they release their annual swimsuit edition. Think Tyra Banks, Kate Upton, Gigi Hadid and Chrissy Teigen as some of the magazine cover alum over the years – women who by modelling standards have curves in all the right places.

So it was refreshing to see that at the recent Miami swimwear based fashion week, SwimMiami, SI debuted their swimwear range modelled by every day girls. The models were selected via SI’s swim search open casting call, providing girls of varied sizes and shapes with the opportunity to show the fashion world that swimwear can be embraced by girls of a variety of shapes and not just pigeon-holed to those with long legs, perky boobs, tiny waists and flat stomachs.

“We very specifically designed a line that would appeal to a diverse group of women…The priority was fit, fashion and size inclusivity. Within the line, the options range from more modest and demure to full on flaunt, and every suit is available in size 2-20. Our goal is to provide sexy, functional options that make you feel great!” – SI Swimsuit Editor MJ Day.

With the illusion of the plus size model being shaped into the desired look for many campaigns, it’s uplifting to see that SI is taking a chance in putting models on the runway for all the world to see in what I would consider one of the most vulnerable categories of modelling.

“I think they were shocked because you don’t typically see that at fashion week … especially at swim fashion week,” Day says. “Some people [in the audience] were moved to tears because they saw themselves represented on the runway, which they never thought they would”.

What’s more – one of these beauties will be crowned the winner of the SI swim search and will feature on the cover of the annual swimsuit edition, more notoriously left for celebrity figures and supermodels. It appears that SI is continuing to make their brand more socially and ethically responsible when it comes to body image. Last year’s SI swimsuit edition featured Australian model Ashely Graham, marking the first cover SI had showcased a size 16 model.


Graham’s 2016 Cover (Source: People Magazine)

The range features everything from functional one pieces, to the itsy bitsy bikinis – not a single swim skirt or oversized floral in sight!

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