BodyMatters offers supervision for intern and experienced psychologists and counsellors.

Intern Psychologists

Sarah McMahon is an approved supervisor under The Psychology Board of Australia. She has experience in supervising Intern Psychologists to obtaining full registration, under both the current national registration systems, as well as the old, state based systems. There are various ways that BodyMatters can provide support for Intern Psychologists:

Primary and secondary supervision

Sarah can act as either a primary or secondary supervisor for Intern Psychologists completing registration via the 4+2 and 5+1 internship programs. Sarah can provide specific support around:

  • Completion of the supervision practice plan
  • Preparation for the National Psychology Exam
  • Completion of six monthly progress reports, case examples and final assessment of competence
  • Training in completing testing
  • Observation and critique of clinical skills
Psychometric Testing

BodyMatters owns a range of psychometric tests, including:

  • Tests in all three “mandatory testing” categories (ie personality test, intelligence test, memory test)
  • A variety of tests that can be used for “elective tests

More specifically, BodyMatters can provide:

  • Supervision and/ or training around the use of these tests as either a primary or secondary supervisor, or as “professional development”
  • Access to these tests for those who are undertaking supervision and/or training in their use

Experienced therapists

It is not unusual for experienced therapists (psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists) to find themselves feeling “out of their depth” or with a client who stretches their expertise. One-off and ongoing supervision is available for therapists who would like to, or need to develop their skill set in working with clients who are suffering from eating and body image issues.

Allied health professionals

BodyMatters is often approach by various health professionals to support them in working with clients who suffer from eating and body image issues. These include dieticians, nutritionalists, dentists and personal trainers. We provide one-off and ongoing supervision to support allied health professionals in managing these cases.

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