Supporting Your Child with an Eating Disorder

What is this course?

BodyMatters is thrilled to offer the “Supporting Your Child with an Eating Disorder” program over three consecutive Wednesday evenings 7-9 pm commencing mid January 2020.

The program is based on Nourishing Parents, a program for parents developed by Belinda Caldwell, Carer Consumer Consultant and the Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders, in conjunction with Victoria’s Austin Hospital. It was initiated to help parents of young people newly diagnosed with an Eating Disorder to get a “head start” on Family Based Therapy and to provide guidance, education and support in facing the challenges of FBT for families about to commence treatment.  We are delighted that they have shared this resource with us to help us support parents undertaking Maudsley Family Based Therapy (FBT) locally.

There is strong evidence to support  FBT as the “gold standard” approach to treating young people who are restricting food and/or are losing weight. It harnesses parents as a vital resource in supporting their child’s recovery. It is based on evidence that families are best placed to lead treatment and provide support for their own child and are able to maintain that support over the time taken for their child to achieve recovery. The “Support Your Child with an Eating Disorder” program helps parents to feel more confident and supported as they commence the recovery journey with their child.

Is the program Beneficial?

Feedback from parents who have participated in the program reported that they felt better equipped to accept the carer role and take on responsibility in the recovery of their child. Parents also reported increased awareness and knowledge of Eating Disorders that was advantageous once FBT had commenced.

A key aspect of FBT is the goal of restoring weight to a healthy range as quickly and safely as possible. Children of parents who participated in the program showed greater weight restoration based on BMI scores at one month and six months into treatment. There were also positive outcomes in lowering subsequent hospital admission rates.

How is the program structured?

Supporting your child with an Eating Disorder is a two hour semi structured support group held over three consecutive weeks. Groups are intentionally kept small with a maximum  of 6 people to allow  optimum participation and support while maintaining  a personal interaction.To gain the most benefit from the program it is recommended parents attend all three sessions as different content is covered each week. In families where both parents are providing this treatment together, it is recommended that both parents complete the course together.

What Topics will be covered?

Week 1 : Understanding

  • What is an Eating Disorder?
  • What is needed for recovery?
  • What is going on for your child?
  • The importance of weight/nutritional restoration
  • How to explain it to others

Week 2: Refeeding

  • Feeding and meal support
  • How much food
  • How to increase calories
  • Pre, during and post meal support strategies

Week 3: Containing

  • Symptom interruption, including exercise and purging
  • Managing our own reactions
  • Importance of parental/support network unity

Who’s running the group?

Sarah, Linn and Emily

How do I register?

Please register for this via our events page, or email us for more information or any questions you may have.

The details on Supporting your child with an Eating Disorder:

When: Wednesday evenings nights of the month, commencing 15 January, 2020 @ 7.00- 9.00pm

Where: Online

Cost: $150 per person OR $250 per couple

Contact: 02 9908 3833 or via email info@bodymatters.com.au


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