Susie in Sydney again!

SUSIE ORBACH INVITEDo you want to understand women, eating, not eating and social media usage better?

A couple of years ago our Psychologist Sarah McMahon had the pleasure of presenting with Susie Orbach, Rick Kausman and Melinda Tankard Reist as part of the inaugral Endangered Bodies Australia Summit. Following her sold out writers festival talk the wonderful SUSIE O will be appearing one more final time, and interviewed by Sarah for an intimate chat with Endangered Bodies Australia in Sydney on the 20th May.

“For a young woman today, developing femininity successfully requires meeting three basic demands. The first of these is that she must defer to others, the second that she must anticipate and meet the needs of others, and the third, that she must seek self-definition through connection with another.
The consequences of these requirements frequently mean that in denying themselves, women are unable to develop an authentic sense of their needs or a feeling of entitlement for their desires. Preoccupied with others’ experience and unfamiliar with their own needs, women come to depend on the approval of those to whom they give. The imperative of affiliation, the culture demand that a woman must define herself through association with another, means that many aspects of self are under-developed, producing insecurity and a shaky sense of self. Under the competent carer who gives to the world lives a hungry, deprived and needy little girl who is unsure and ashamed of her desires and wants.”

― Susie Orbach, Hunger Strike: Starving Amidst Plenty

We have written about Susie’s great work previously. To find out more about the event or book your ticket, click here.

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