Feeling Good Fridays!

Reposted from Eating Disorders Blog with permission. Adapted from original article by Greta Gleissner. Feeling Good Fridays: because it is...

June 10

13 things that are sure to make you feel crap about your body…

By Sarah McMahon Compare yourself with others, and focus on their “good bits” Engage in “body checking” behaviour, such...

June 8

The Role of Shame in Bulimia

By Madalyn Oliver Shame, a key element of Bulimia, is one of the most uncomfortable human emotions we can...

May 16
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Why talking about diets doesnt help recovery

By BodyMatters therapist Kassie Bottalico Recovering from an eating disorder is notoriously difficult. It is challenging because often the...

January 29
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Charter of Peer Support: A Photo Blog

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon What informs how we approach supporting people with body image or eating issues? This...

September 13
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Open letter to Channel 9 and Big Brother

BodyMatters Individual Therapist Kassie Bottalico responds to shocking footage from Big Brother last week, when female contestants were provided...

August 19
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Thank Goodness for Gomes!

by Individual Therapist Jen Bradon Have we lost our perspective? It has been a controversial week in t he...

August 16
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The Morning Show asks Lydia about a new Beauty Salon for Babies

Co-director Lydia Jade Turner appeared on The Morning Show today, talking about a new beauty salon for girls 13 and under that has...

June 10
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An interview with Lydia Jade Turner and Sarah McMahon from BodyMatters Australasia

This interview was conducted by author & social commentator Melinda Tankard Reist and was first published on her blog...

July 10
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The Biggest Bully: TV show a loser for weight loss

by Lydia Jade Turner This article was first published on Online Opinion. The time to expose the dangers of...

July 10