Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s: Kylie’s influencing image on teens.

By Georgina Lavan We all worked out years ago that it’s a hard thing to keep up with the...

December 8

Sarah makes an appearance on SBS’ Insight

By Georgina Lavan Our very own Sarah McMahon, psychologist and director of BodyMatters, made an appearance on SBS’ Insight,...

October 27

Ethnic plastic surgery: Changing your face and your race

By Georgina Lavan  Ethnic plastic surgery – a term coined by the industry as cosmetic surgery for altering features...

October 26
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Sarah speaks to Cleo about botox babies: The concerning new trend

Younger & younger women are using cosmetic treatment as a preventative measure against early aging. Specifically about 30% of...

July 30

Studio 10’s Forum on Body Image

Earlier this week I had the privilege of speaking about Body Image on Studio 10. You can watch the...

June 26