Why my diet isn’t working

By Deborah Etienne-Ward Height is largely determined by our genetics. Similarly, genetics also plays a large role in determining our...

November 12

The Biggest Loser study: Why contestants can’t keep the kilos off

(Trigger warning: Unsafe dieting practices, weight, calories) By Georgina Lavan Earlier this month, the Obesity Journal released astonishing results...

June 22

What to Do When Diets Fail

Reposted from Eating Disorders Blog with permission; Adapted from original article by Karen Koenig. If you’ve heard the “news” that...

May 24

Dieting: Confused anyone?

By Madalyn Oliver A few weeks ago I was browsing through my local community noticeboard on Facebook when I...

February 24
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Skype: A New Solution to Accessing Treatment for Eating Disorders

By BodyMatters Clinical Psychologist Christie Lomas   Imagine this, your child is unwell, dying from a disease which stops her...

July 23
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Did you hear the one about weight cycling being safe? Turns out, it's hogwash!

There has been a recent outbreak of media reports claiming weight cycling to be safe. This claim is based on...

August 27
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Good parenting or figure fascism? Co-director Lydia is interviewed for The Sydney Morning Herald

Co-director Lydia Jade Turner is interviewed by journalist Andrea Black for this piece published in The Sydney Morning Herald...

April 19
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Eek! I think someone at my gym has an eating disorder!

At BodyMatters we have recently had an influx of enquiries from people who frequent gyms and have noticed other...

November 25
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Nutritional Labels on Fast Food Items – a step in the right direction?

The NSW government will be holding a fast food forum on August 16  in a bid to reduce the...

August 4
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An interview with Lydia Jade Turner and Sarah McMahon from BodyMatters Australasia

This interview was conducted by author & social commentator Melinda Tankard Reist and was first published on her blog...

July 10