Exciting Announcement: The New Perth Clinic of BodyMatters

  We are beyond delighted to announce the opening of our new clinic in the heart of Perth. Our...

October 3

Why Do I Swell Up? Dehydration, Edema, and the Effects of Purging (Vomiting, Laxatives, and/or Diuretics)

Reposted from Eating Disorders Blog with permission. Adapted from original article by Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani. As you all know—and hopefully...

February 20

What are the Benefits of Using a Recovery Tool Like Recovery Record?

By Sarah McMahon Recovery Record is a powerful App that we use regularly at BodyMatters. We have written about...

February 13

The Value of Seeing a Dietitian in ED Recovery

By Remie Jaggard and Gabriella Barclay When an individual is in treatment for an eating disorder it is important to...

November 21

Medication for eating disorders blog 2: Will medication change me?

By Deborah Etienne-Ward This second article in the Medications for Eating Disorders series aims to address the common concern...

December 6

Medication for eating disorders blog 1: Are medications useful for eating disorders?

By Deborah Etienne-Ward Psychotropic medication refers to medication that has the purpose of managing mental illness by altering mood,...

November 25
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Low Cost Treatment

By Rebecca Guzelian Low Cost Counselling An option for accessing low cost treatment on an ongoing basis at BodyMatters...

February 1
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Revering Hunger

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon If we are feeling hot or cold, most of us would respond quite effortlessly...

September 18
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Help!! Someone I love has an eating disorder!!

  By Psychologist Sarah McMahon At BodyMatters we have a constant stream of people contacting us because someone they...

August 14
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Christmas is fun … isn't it?

Christmas can be TOUGH when you have an eating disorder…Firstly, summer in Australia means sun, surf and swimmers. So...

December 1