Fat Talk

By Deborah Etienne-Ward   Friend 1: “Ugh, I hate my thighs”? Friend 2: “What’s wrong with your thighs?” Friend...

October 24

BodyMatters Guest Blog: Five Facts about ‘Fat Talk’

By Jacqueline Mills “My thighs are so fat!” “Are you kidding? Have you seen the size of you? What...

March 31
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Does Victoria have more than its fair share of Fat Shamers?

Fat shaming continues to be all around us, however it seems that Victoria is beginning to develop a particularly...

January 21

Fat shaming in the doctors office

There are lots of great doctors out there- at BodyMatters we are pleased to work with many. However occasionally...

December 4
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Are you interested in joining Endangered Bodies?

By BodyMatters therapist Sarah McMahon Have you ever read the universal declaration of human rights? If you haven’t, I...

August 27
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Open letter to Channel 9 and Big Brother

BodyMatters Individual Therapist Kassie Bottalico responds to shocking footage from Big Brother last week, when female contestants were provided...

August 19
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Fat grab misses out on tick of approval

This article was written by Lydia Jade Turner and first published on Online Opinion. Last week the WA state...

July 6
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The Morning Show interview Lydia about body image issues

Paris Hilton has recently come under fire for having gained weight, with many tabloid articles criticizing her for being...

January 31