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Did you hear the one about weight cycling being safe? Turns out, it's hogwash!

There has been a recent outbreak of media reports claiming weight cycling to be safe. This claim is based on...

August 27
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Fat grab misses out on tick of approval

This article was written by Lydia Jade Turner and first published on Online Opinion. Last week the WA state...

July 6
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Over 145 international health experts sign OPEN LETTER in protest of Jenny Craig

Just this morning, an email was sent out to Alliance schools across Australia, in protest of Jenny Craig’s CEO...

May 10
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Good parenting or figure fascism? Co-director Lydia is interviewed for The Sydney Morning Herald

Co-director Lydia Jade Turner is interviewed by journalist Andrea Black for this piece published in The Sydney Morning Herald...

April 19
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A CALL TO ACTION! SIGN the petition to stop Jenny Craig's CEO presenting at conference for leaders of girls' schools!

Earlier this week we posted a blog questioning why the CEO of Jenny Craig will be presenting at a...

March 24
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Why is the CEO of Jenny Craig presenting at a Girls’ School Conference?

Yesterday it came to our attention that the CEO of Jenny Craig, Amy Smith, will be presenting at the...

March 21
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Exposing Biggest Loser trainer's flawed health advice

By Lydia Jade Turner Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges claims weight loss ‘success’ is a case of mind over...

January 17
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Getting off weight’s vicious cycle

By Lydia Jade Turner This article was first published in ABCs The Drum.   Last week The Sydney Morning...

December 27
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Co-director Lydia interviewed on Today Tonight about Weight Loss Trickery

Last week co-director Lydia Jade Turner was interviewed on Today Tonight about OK! Magazine’s weight loss trickery. Please note...

December 19
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The Morning Show asks Lydia about a new day spa for children

Earlier this week, The Morning Show asked Lydia about the emergence of day spas for children in the UK...

December 4